The theme park for families with children up to 12 years - tickets online only! Buy tickets '(limited contingent!) - open daily from 9 am to 6 pm

Important notes

Below you will find important information for your visit to the Irrland theme park.

If you have any questions or queries during your visit, you are welcome to contact our staff at the kiosks.


The consumption of cannabis is prohibited in the vicinity of playgrounds and therefore also in our leisure park. Should we nevertheless become aware of consumption in the park, you will be banned from the park. 


Pets are not admitted! Exceptions apply for guide dogs and assistance dogs. Please send us an e-mail to before your visit.

Under "Accommodation" you will find recommendations for boarding kennels in the area.


Please pay attention to the age and weight information posted on site at all attractions. Most of the attractions are suitable for children up to the age of 12.

All major attractions (e.g. slides etc.) close half an hour before the park closes.


Baby food

We are happy to heat up baby food for you at kiosks 1, 2 and 4.


For unadulterated fun in and with nature, please dress yourselves and your children
please dress for the according to the weather with robust clothing.

It's worth it on warm days, swimwear to bring along.

All water attractions in Irrland may only be used with appropriate swimwear.



You will find a total of five kiosks in the park. Four kiosks offer hot food such as chips, pizza and pasta at reasonable prices. Depending on the season, not all kiosks are always open. Please ask at the main entrance on the day of your visit. 

You can also buy various souvenirs and extras at the kiosks or borrow equipment for various games free of charge against a deposit.

It is of course also permitted to bring your own food and drink to Irrland.

Barbecuing in the park is only possible with a pre-booked barbecue area. This is available to you all day. Important information on this topic can be found here: Barbecuing


A sufficient number of handcarts are available in Irrland for a daily rental price of
of € 3.00 (plus € 10.00 deposit). It is not possible to make a reservation in advance. The handcarts may not leave the park.

The handcart poles must be handed in at the entrance by 5.30 pm. You will receive the deposit back when you return them.

First aid

The kiosks are also contact points for "first aid".

In case of emergency, please call our emergency number: 004928329792854

Wheelchair user

Irrland is only suitable for wheelchair users to a limited extent (with an escort).
Due to the natural conditions (sandy paths), it is difficult to drive/push a wheelchair in some areas.

Wheelchair users do not need a ticket for the visit.

Teenagers (13-18 years)

Irrland is a park aimed exclusively at families with children,
kindergartens and school classes (5th grade) up to the age of 12.

The park is not suitable for young people (13-18 years).

Visits with young people between the ages of 13 and 18 are
only in exceptional cases (prior arrangement necessary) and accompanied
accompanied by an adult.

Youth groups (aged 13 and over) and adult-only groups
admission is not possible.

Thank you for your understanding.

To all smokers

Smoking is generally permitted in Irrland, BUT: unfortunately, many smokers dispose of their cigarettes on the Irrland site.

In addition to the environmental pollution and the unmanageable workload for our employees
for our employees, young children in particular are at extreme risk to their health!

For this reason, smoking is only permitted with an ashtray (available at the kiosk at a cost price of 0.30 Euro)!

Please empty/dispose of these with extinguished cigarettes in one of the empty/dispose of them in one of the numerous waste garbage cans.

Alternatively, you can also use your own lockable ashtrays.

We ask for your understanding and thank you for your cooperation!