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Attractions in Irrland

Get an initial overview of our numerous attractions in the park on this page. You can use the filter to search for specific categories. Whether you are looking for outdoor or indoor attractions, exciting water attractions or cozy places to relax - with our filter you will find exactly what you are looking for.

For a better overview of where which attraction is located in the park, you can call up our park map. 


up to 12 years





Roman architecture

Place brick upon brick in our play hall. Here you can give free rein to your creativity. Which buildings can you create with our building blocks?

Da Vinci Hall

Here you can get really creative and build to your heart's content with our wooden blocks. With the special wall painting, there are no limits to your creativity.

Roman castle

You can discover our Roman climbing fun right at the start in Irrland-West. The right place for all climbing monkeys and adventurers. Climb up and down and conquer the Roman fort.

Toddler vehicle fleet

You can try out the different vehicles on a long route across Irrland-West. You can choose between normal pedal vehicles, a wheelchair and much more.

Mega water slides

Our super-wide water slides guarantee fast and cooling water fun for young and old. Don't forget your swimwear!

Mystical world of owls

Look, mom, doesn't it look like Harry Potter? Visit our owl world and watch them turn their heads in 360 degree mode. 

Stork meadow

They flap their beaks, care for their young in their nests and glide around the park: observe these majestic animals up close and be impressed.

Wanderlust Area

A real highlight! Great play experience with water, palm trees, rivers and slides and climbable mountain with indoor climbing hall in Roman mining style.

Rare pheasants

Whether large or small, brightly feathered or unicolored, you can visit the different species here. Admire the proud animals from all over the world and learn more about the different bird species.

Airport fire department

Where there is an airport, there must be an airport fire department. At the end of the runway you will find the fire station building with everything that goes with it. Climb up the tower and see what awaits you.

Fire hose slide

Did you make it to the top of the airport fire department tower? And you're even wearing swimming gear? Then let's go down the fire hose slide: Cooling off guaranteed!

Airport Power Tower

The height of the 18-metre-high Airport Tower alone is enough to get your heart racing. The many slides will give you a real adrenaline rush. Do you dare to try out the steepest slide?

Water-filled bed

Here you can romp around, play tag, feel the waves of the wobble cushion or simply enjoy the view of our Irrland Airport.

Toddler airplanes

Practice makes perfect if you want to soar to lofty heights. Various airplanes for the little ones invite them to play pilot and then slide down the slide to get their feet back on the ground.

Trojan Fortress

Our Roman bouncy castle offers plenty of space for romping and jumping. Warm up on the giant bouncy cushion, do somersaults and race with your friends.

Disco plane

Climb into the cockpit and take off. But the huge plane can do more than just fly. There's a surprise hidden in its fuselage. Bet your legs will tingle and you'll have to dance off immediately.

Bouncy cushion

You can let off steam on this bouncy cushion, practise somersaults or just let the other bouncers shake you up a bit, just as you like.

Mare Nostrum

Grab a wooden raft and sail across Lake Mare Nostrum. You can steer with long sticks. But watch out! Water fountains lurk here and there.

Water feature


Feet in the sand, hands in the mud and head in the sky. What could be nicer than building sandcastles, creating moats or just messing around a bit?

Crash pilot

Fortunately, nothing happened to the crash pilot during the crash landing. Climb into the plane and get out again using the slide.


Red, yellow, blue, green. Our colorful parrots are waiting to enchant you with their bright colors.

Circus Maximus

In Circus Maximus, a huge climbing frame is waiting to be discovered by you. Balance, climb and roll through the colorful levels.

Old farm house

Visit our donkeys, sheep and oxen and spoil them with cuddles. Have you spotted the cockerel that got lost in the goats' enclosure and made friends with them?

Giant playground

Climbing, sliding, swinging or a speedy ride on the cable car - there's everything here for the little ones. Explore the giant playground and let off steam.

Sisyphus' hill

You can jump to your heart's content on the giant blue bouncy cushions, try out somersaults and play other games. Who can jump higher?

Swing paradise

You'll find a paradise for real swing lovers here at Irrland-West. With a beautiful view of our Bruchpiloten, you can choose from a large selection of swings here.

Beach volleyball

Train your serve or your dribbling skills. When your feet sink into the warm sand and the volleyballs fly over the net, it's here: an unforgettable summer day at Irrland.

Ponte Romano

Anyone walking through the Irrland-West area will sooner or later pass our Ponte Romano. Here you can walk along the water and cross a small bridge to the other side.

Catta enclosure (temporarily open)

Fancy a little excursion to the primeval monkey forest? Here you can stroll through the monkey enclosure and observe the cute little monkeys with their long curly tails up close.


Did a kangaroo just hop past? You saw it right. Our cute wallabies live right next to the cat enclosure. If you're lucky, you might even see a kitten peeking out of the pouch.

Flying acrobats

Enter the aviary and pay a visit to our curious cockatoos. The flying acrobats impress not only with their noises and colorful plumage, but also with their flying skills.

Roman pendulum swing

Grab one of the plate swings and swing through the air. On the Roman pendulum swings, you can really let the wind whip around your ears.

Petting animal meadow

Visit our tame goats and sheep in their meadow. They are sure to be happy to have you stroking them. 

swan lake

Even if it sounds like it at first, this is not a world-famous ballet. Instead, there are real swans to watch on our Swan Lake.


Here it's all about romping, crawling and finding your way around the hay and straw. Also very popular: playing hide and seek between the bales of straw. 

Prairie dogs

Do you already know our prairie dogs? They nibble, cuddle or just laze around in the sun. Watch the cute rodents up close.

Bobby card village

The area can be explored on various vehicles specially designed for small children. Parents can sit comfortably on a bench and still have a good view of the children.

Sea of Ulysses

The Sea of Odysseus is a huge cushion of water. If you cross it with dry feet, it wobbles beautifully. A little tip: lie down and enjoy the waves of the others.

Toddler play area

Fun for the little ones: large building blocks, soft mats and lots of space! And? Have the little ones already discovered themselves in the giant mirror wall?

Monkey Island

Watch our baboon ladies as they feed, sunbathe and laze around and smile at how human they sometimes look.

Roman mine

Discover our Roman mine in the Wanderlust Area. Hidden behind the waterfall you will find the entrance to our indoor climbing hall. You can really let off steam inside.

Block hall

Here you can get really creative and build to your heart's content with our wooden blocks. You are protected here when it rains. The sun still shines in through the glass roof. Who will build the tallest tower here?

Bouncy cushion

You can let off steam on our giant bouncy cushion, practise somersaults or just let the other bouncers shake you up a bit, just as you like.

Roman aqueduct

Climb to the first level of the aqueduct to get to the climbing course. If you're looking to cool off, the long water slide that starts in the aqueduct is just the thing for you.

Kart track

On the three-wheeled go-karts, you not only train your steering skills, but also have lots of fun. Steer your way through the course with skill while our animal spectators cheer you on.

Sandy Mountain

You can only play with sand and water on the beach? No way! In Irrland too, of course! Climb the big sand mountain, build castles and dig moats.

Small animal barn

Well? Have you spotted the hens' nests yet? See if an egg has been laid today. The goats are waiting right next door: If you're lucky, not only in the barn, but also on their catwalk above the rooftops.

Farmhouse Atrium

Outside, a small driving area with various vehicles awaits you. Inside the farmhouse there are several seats and a large ball pool with several 1,000 balls. It's not just the little ones who have fun here!

Air cannon arena

If you're ready to perfect your aim, this is the place for you! But don't worry, it won't hurt if you get hit.

Train station

Already in a traveling mood? Marvel at and play with the huge steam locomotive. In the station concourse right next door, you can relax with your provisions or a few snacks from the nearby kiosk.


Once you are on the helicopter observation tower, you have the choice: super steep down, corkscrew slide or the stairs? Of course, you can also take a helicopter ride first.

Europe's biggest donkey

Go in search of Europe's biggest donkey in Irrland-Nord! Contrary to what the name might suggest, Europe's biggest donkey is not so easy to find. Look closely and you're sure to find it near the fire department shower!

Toddler play barn

Fun for the little ones: rocking animals, small playable houses and tasks that challenge the mind... It's all there! And? Have the little ones already discovered themselves in the giant mirror wall?

Fire brigade shower

Caught a hot day? No problem. Our tireless fireman provides cool refreshment in summer! From a lofty height on the fire ladder, he provides pleasant cooling.


For all soccer lovers and those looking for a change of pace between climbing and jumping, our Kickerdome is the ideal place.

Mother sow barn

Watch the little piglets play in the straw or see how the mother sow reprimands her youngsters when they misbehave. Does this sound familiar to you?

Big Bobbycar Racetrack

Our big bobbycar racetrack in Irrland-Nord is perfect for all racers weighing up to 25 kg. A large selection of bobby cars and a track through Irrland-Nord provide plenty of driving fun.

Corn swimming pool

Immerse yourself in a whole new feeling! The corn swimming pool awaits you with tons of corn. Dig yourself into the corn or try to form a corn angel. And? Can you actually swim in the corn?


Watch out: squirrels in action! Watch our South American speedsters and be amazed at how quickly they make their rounds above your head.


Here at Irrland in the "calf kindergarten" you will find the offspring of the dairy cows. The calves grow up here until they are allowed to join the cattle in the large meadow. Here you can also help to water the calves in the morning and afternoon.

Cowshed & milking house

Have you ever seen a cow being milked? Get up close and personal and ask our milkers all your questions. Then it's straight on to feeding the calves.

Hay pyramid

Hide, catch or simply enjoy the view... Everything is possible on our large straw pyramid. Crawl through the corridors and climb to the top.

Goat mill

Observe our climbing goats up close. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to let them sniff you. Have you spotted the rabbits yet?

Largest double-decker

Start slowly or go straight to the top? Find your favorite slide and enjoy the view from the double-decker plane. Attention: Don't forget your slide mat!

Horse show

Discover a different kind of horse show here: horse jumping in the open air. Because here you will only find low-maintenance human friends on which everyone is guaranteed to be able to ride.

World's largest building construction site

Lay brick upon brick in our world's largest building construction site. Here you can give free rein to your creativity. Which buildings can you create with our building blocks?


Ready for the water slides? Put on your swimming trunks or bikini? Then you're ready to go. On your marks, get set, go! Whoever gets to the bottom first is the winner.

Rainbow meadow

Find a sunny spot under the rainbow, relax on the sunbathing lawn or get out your picnic blanket and have a cozy chat with your loved ones.

Hexagon swing

Hexagon is Greek and means "hexagon", right? That's right! Swing to lofty heights with your friends in the hexagon. Who can swing the highest? Can you do it in sync?

Toddlers farming village

Here, the little ones can drive along roads on a pedal tractor, stop at traffic lights and pet the tame goats and sheep in between. Well, who already knows the traffic signs?

Palla Da Basket

Play with balls to your heart's content, practise a bit of kicking or just romp around. You'll find lots of colorful balls here. Smaller children can let off steam in the Palla da Basket.

Climbing pyramid

Climb up our giant air pyramid and enjoy the view. Well, what can you discover from up here? Perhaps the Colosseum or the giant bird of paradise airplane?

Giant Mountains

One... Two... Three... A running jump is the best way to go! Climb one of the three giant bouncy balls and jump for all you're worth.

Bamboo maze

Find your way out of the bamboo maze and enjoy the art exhibition as you go! The exit may not be as easy to find as you thought - it's hard to see out above the tall bamboo shoots.

Castle ruins

If you set out on a search, you are sure to find our castle ruins, but it's not quite so easy to find them hidden away! Once you have discovered the castle ruins, you can explore the secret tunnel and find out where it ends. 

Go-kart track

Attention racing drivers! A super long pedal go-kart course awaits you here. Choose a go-kart and test your driving skills. Made all the bends? Great, then it's on to the next round!

Bamboo labyrinth

Get lost in the tall bamboo, follow the many different paths and don't get confused. How long will it take you to find your way out of the maze?


Thanks to the palm trees and the sand underfoot, you'll really feel like you're on vacation. The movement of the water cushion almost gives you the feeling of being on the sea, yet you stay dry on the water cushion.

Gladiator's Aqueduct

The gladiator aqueduct awaits between palm trees and sand. From the top, two water slides lead back down again. Fun and refreshment for the younger kids.

Ballflut Soccer Arena

Attention soccer artists! In the Ballflut Soccer Arena you can train your ball skills and really let off steam. Lots of colorful balls are waiting for sharp shots and great tricks.

Roman waterway

Refresh your feet in the babbling river, discover the sluice gates and follow the Roman waterway from start to finish.

South Sea

Refresh yourself in the water (approx. 30-40 centimetres deep) or relax on the shore. Climb onto the slide tower or the galley and slide into the cool water. Have you discovered the submarine yet?


Do you want to build something with your own hands or just play in the sand? Then our Pantheon in Irrland South is just the place for you!

Musical Bamboo Forest

This is just the right place for anyone who wants to wind down between all the hustle and bustle. The calm sounds of the various instruments provide a little relaxation before moving on to the next playgrounds.


Discover the water labyrinth inside the Colosseum. Find your way to the center and try to stay dry. In the upper part, a bouncy cushion awaits big jumps and lots of fun.

Piazza della Pizza

You can recharge your batteries in an old Italian setting at our trattoria. You can choose from pizza and pasta, as well as many other snacks and drinks. Of course, we can also provide you with ice cream to cool off.

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