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Overnight stays at Irrland


You live further away, but would still like to visit Irrland or perhaps even spend two or three days in the park? Even if overnight stays in Irrland itself are unfortunately not possible, we have put together a selection of different accommodation options in the surrounding area for you.

You will also find suitable accommodation for your four-legged friends here for the duration of your visit.

 Vacation home "Strawberry"

Dietrich-Bonhoeffer Str. 15

47574 Goch

Vacation apartment Frida

At the old waterworks 20

47623 Kevelaer

Vacation apartment Poczewski

Quirinusstrasse 3

47624 Kevelaer-Twisteden

 Vacation cottage Twisteden

Martinistrasse 22

47624 Kevelaer-Twisteden

Motorhome harbor Schravelsche Heide

Grotendonker Street 55

47626 Kevelaer-Winnekendonk

Motorhome port Den Heyberg

In the Auwelt 45

47624 Kevelaer-Twisteden

Campsite Anna Fleuth

Niersstrasse 39

47626 Kevelaer-Winnekendonk

Hotel Klostergarten

Monastery garden 1

47623 Kevelaer


South wall 4

47608 Geldern

City Hotel Am Bühnenhaus

Bury-St.-Edmunds-Straße 13

47623 Kevelaer

Family Hotel Schloss Hertefeld


47652 Weeze

Hotel elaya

Hüls 19

47623 Kevelaer

Hotel Zur Brücke

Bahnstraße 24

47623 Kevelaer

Knowledge Castle

Schlossallee 21

47652 Weeze

Kleve Youth Hostel

St. Annaberg 2

47533 Kleve

The dog village of Goch

Grote Laarweg 35

47574 Goch

Hülm Dog Center

Hülmer dike 98

47574 Goch

Lucky paw Weeze

Uedemer Str. 23

47652 Weeze

Still unanswered questions?

Overnight stay

Does Irrland offer overnight accommodation in the park?

Unfortunately, we do not offer overnight accommodation directly on site at Irrland theme park. However, you can choose from a wide range of accommodation in the surrounding area.

Where can I stay overnight near the Irrland?

You will find a wide range of accommodation in the Irrland area, including vacation homes, hotels and campsites. On our website we have compiled a list of recommended accommodations that are only a short distance from the park.


Are there special packages for overnight stays and park visits?

At the moment we do not offer special packages for overnight stays and park visits. 

Can I book my accommodation directly through Irrland?

No, accommodation bookings are made independently of Irrland.

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