The theme park for families with children up to 12 years - tickets online only! Buy tickets '(limited contingent!) - open daily from 9 am to 6 pm

Group registration

Register your group to help us plan and make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

Irrland is a park aimed at families with children, kindergartens, primary school classes and groups up to a maximum of 5th grade (up to 12 years).
After the summer break, we also look forward to welcoming school classes from year 6. If young people between the ages of 12 and 18 accompany you, written permission is required.

We grant the group rate of € 8.00 under the following conditions:
- applicable for groups of 20 people or more
- from Monday to Friday (except public holidays)
- Registration at least 1 day before the day of the visit
- applies to school classes, kindergartens and clubs


- all fields marked with * must be filled in
- the registration will be confirmed only after this has beenconfirmed by usin writing by e-mail !

Want to know more?

General information

Who does the group rate apply to?

The group rate is valid from Monday to Friday (except on public holidays) for schools, kindergartens and clubs. Private groups or families require online tickets.

Does the group rate also apply at weekends?

The group rate is only valid from Mondays to Fridays (excluding public holidays). Online tickets are required at weekends (no group rate). If the group is traveling by bus, please register your group using the registration form.

How old are the children allowed to be?

Admission to the groups is also for children up to the age of 12 (5th grade). After the summer break, sixth grades are also possible on request.

Do we have to cancel our group visit?

Please let us know in good time before your visit if you are unable to come.

Prices & Payment

Are accompanying persons admitted free of charge?

The group rate applies to all group members (including accompanying persons).

How can we pay the entrance fee?

All group members (together with the group leader) are counted at the entrance. Payment can then be made in cash or by EC card. If you wish, you can also pay by invoice (€5 invoice fee); this must be indicated in advance when registering the group. You will receive the invoice by e-mail after the visit.

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