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Barbecue in Irrland


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Barbecue areas


Enjoy the perfect barbecue day at Irrland - secure your own barbecue area now! Please note during your visit that barbecuing in the park is only possible with a booked barbecue area. All sites have sufficient swing barbecues, tables and benches. 

There is no electricity, no fridge and no separate toilet at the barbecue areas.

Here you can find an overview of our barbecue areas

You can use the filter to select the different barbecue areas and change the parking area.

Our villas

In addition to a fenced, lockable outdoor area, our villas also have a lockable indoor area. 

Indoor and outdoor seating is available in the form of beer tent sets.

There is no electricity, water, refrigerator or toilets in these areas.

Here you can find our villas

Our pavilions

All pavilions have a lockable outdoor area with covered seating. 

There is no electricity, water, refrigerator or toilets in these areas.

Here you can find our pavilions

Our barrels

All barrels have seating inside the lockable barrel, as well as a lockable outdoor area with additional seating.

There is no electricity, water, refrigerator or toilets in these areas.

Here you can find our barrels

Still unanswered questions?


Which barbecue areas are available in Irrland?

There are various barbecue areas available in Irrland. We distinguish between villas, pavilions and barrels.

How do I reserve a barbecue area in Irrland?

Reserving a barbecue area at Irrland is very easy. You can book a space for the day you want online via our website. Please note, however, that the barbecue areas are booked out quickly, especially at weekends and on warm summer days, and you may have to book the desired area a few days before your visit.

Is a barbecue area sufficient for admission?

No! Please note that the barbecue area alone does not entitle you to admission. You need a valid day ticket (online only!) or a valid annual ticket per person.

Can I also bring my own barbecue?

No, you are not allowed to bring your own barbecue. There are plenty of swing barbecues available at the barbecue area, otherwise you are welcome to ask at the main entrance.

Barbecue food & accessories

Can I bring my own barbecue food?

Yes, you can bring your own barbecue food. However, we also offer high-quality barbecue food from the butcher, which you can pre-order from us. This way you can be sure that you can enjoy fresh, high-quality meat.

Are barbecue accessories and charcoal available on site?

At our kiosks you can buy charcoal and firelighters, as well as various barbecue accessories.

Can I cool my barbecue food in the park?

No, there are no cooling facilities in the park. You are welcome to bring your own cool boxes or bags.