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All-weather leisure park


Indoor activities in irrland nord

Come rain or shine, indoors or outdoors - Irrland Nord offers not only many outdoor activities but also 5 different indoor play halls. In addition to large building blocks, a corn swimming pool, a toddlers' play barn and a ball pool, you will also find our air-shot hall with a large water cushion.

Discover the colorful indoor world at Irrland Nord.


Protection from the elements in irrland west

Our indoor activities are not only a welcome change in rainy weather. They also offer the opportunity to find shelter from the heat of summer or the cooler temperatures in winter.

Irrland West also offers many a crazy indoor amusement arcade. We recommend Circus Maximus or our mine in the Wanderlust Area for all those who want to get up high and enjoy climbing. All builders can have fun in our Oasis, where you will also find a large water cushion and a pirate ship.


Still unanswered questions?

Is Irrland an all-weather amusement park?

Yes, Irrland offers many outdoor attractions as well as various indoor play halls, making it a popular all-weather amusement park. There is plenty to do even when it is raining and windy.

What indoor activities does Irrland offer?

At Irrland, for example, you will find a large corn swimming pool, climbing courses, indoor playgrounds, various building blocks and much more.

Which outdoor activities are open in bad weather?

The majority of the outdoor attractions at Irrland Theme Park are designed to be open in most weather conditions. Some attractions may be temporarily closed in heavy rain or storms to ensure your safety.

Does Irrland offer catering facilities for indoor visitors?

The kiosks at the indoor riding arena and at Circus Maximus are directly adjacent to the indoor halls, making them the perfect place for a snack while the little ones play.

Are there age restrictions for certain attractions?

The attractions are for children up to the age of 12.