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Here at Irrland, it has always been our goal to make the park as family-friendly as possible. In keeping with this aim, we provided barbecue areas and made them freely available for all of our guests to use. Many of our guests have gladly profited from this offer over the years.

In the last few years, however, we have unfortunately had several instances in which guests disregarded the barbecue rules and/or carried prohibited items (liquid lighters, gas appliances, private barbecues, etc.) into the park. In addition, we have noticed an increase in litter left around the barbecue areas.

In the past, there were a number of incidents in which Irrland employees were insulted and physically attacked after reminding guests of the park rules. In an attempt to prevent misuse of the barbecue areas, we introduced a bag check process at the park entrance. Sadly, this measure did not prevent some guests from attempting to smuggle forbidden (and sometimes dangerous) objects into the park – we even observed some objects being thrown over the park fences.

Due to these ongoing, often barbecue-related problems, we have decided that guests who wish to use the barbecuing facilities must reserve a spot in one of the marked areas (villas, pavilions & barrels) prior to their visit to Irrland.

We continue to encourage our guests to bring their own food for consumption in the park.

Barbecue rules:

- Booking in advance via the website is necessary
- Barbecuing is only allowed in the marked areas
- Prohibited items:
Gas appliances / gas cookers
Private barbecue grills
Liquid lighters
Pots, pans, metal bowls
Teapots (thermos flasks are allowed)

Gas appliances Samovar Liquid lighter water heater own barbecues Pots Water pipes

These rule changes serve the safety of our visitors and employees.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team.

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