Park and house rules for Irrland Leisure Park guests and visitors

Welcome to Irrland!

You are about to embark on a long, exciting adventure with your family and friends. The entire Irrland-Team wishes you lots of fun! In order to ensure a trouble-free day, we would like to draw your attention to our house rules and park regulations.

By entering the park, each visitor acknowledges and bindingly accepts the following park and house rules.

1. Parking

Visitors may park free of charge in the designated parking areas.
The rules and signs of the German Road Traffic Act ‘Straßenverkehrsordnung’ (StVO) apply in all Irrland parking lots.

In order to ensure a free flow of traffic, the instructions of our staff must be followed carefully in the parking lots. Parking along/on the access roads leading up to the park is strictly forbidden.

If you fail to park your vehicle properly, resulting in an obstruction of traffic, Irrland will be forced to tow your vehicle at your expense and at your own risk. Take careful note of the signs and markings in the parking areas.

Visitor use of the Irrland parking area does not constitute a custodial or security relationship. The parking area is not monitored by Irrland staff and Irrland is not legally responsible for any damage, theft, or loss of belongings in the Irrland parking areas.

Please ensure that all vehicle doors and windows are locked and no valuables remain visible for the duration of your visit to the park. No animals may be left behind in the vehicle.

Parking lots may only be used during park opening hours.

2. Entry authorization

Permission to enter the Irrland park grounds will be granted upon payment of the entrance fee at one of the marked park entrances.

Entry authorization expires when the visitor leaves the park grounds. Visitors who wish to leave the park for only a short time and return on the same day must inform the Irrland staff at the entrance in order to obtain a re-entry stamp.

The authorization to stay in the park is only valid during the park opening hours, which are posted at the park entrance.

Tickets are not transferable. It is not permitted to resell Irrland day passes or gift vouchers.

3. Visitor screenings

By entering the park grounds, all visitors explicitly agree to submit to searches by the Irrland park staff and to follow their instructions during this process.

If the visitor does not cooperate, he or she may be expelled from the park.

For the safety of visitors, the contents of bags and items brought into the park must be presented to the park staff at the park entrance. Visitors may be denied access if they do not agree to a screening.

4. Safety regulations

Instructions of the Irrland employees must be followed at all times. In addition, all rules listed on signs for the individual playgrounds and play equipment must be followed.

All playgrounds and equipment are used at the visitor’s own risk. Hand carts and strollers may not be parked near playground equipment.

All moving play equipment, such as inflatables, swings, seesaws, etc. have a weight limit of 60 kg per person.

All visitors are expected to behave properly and appropriately. Disruption of public order, misconduct, endangerment, inconveniencing, or harm to other visitors or park operations, verbal and physical violence will result in immediate expulsion from the park and/or the filing of a legal complaint.

The carrying of weapons or dangerous objects (such as firearms, knives, chains, brass knuckles, etc.) is not permitted on the park grounds.

Visitors may not wear masks or other face coverings inside the park grounds. For safety reasons, it is forbidden to carry gas cylinders, own barbecue grills, water pipes, liquid lighters, kettles, gas appliances, samovars, or any kind of metal container used for barbecuing.

Visitors may not bring drones or remote-controlled devices into the park.

For the safety of all park visitors, no private playground equipment or children's vehicles such as roller skates, bicycles, scooters or balance bikes may be brought along.

Visitors are permitted to bring mobility aids and other health-related equipment into the park provided they obtain prior written agreement.

Wireless or portable speaker boxes are not permitted in the park. Deliberate noise-making and thereby disturbing other park-goers is not permitted. Objects that disturb the peace (horns, musical instruments, etc.) may not be brought into the park.

All fire protection regulations and markings must be observed.

Smoking is prohibited in all indoor areas.

It is not permitted to enter locked areas or rooms. Swimming is not permitted in any body of water within the park grounds.

Visitors should use caution when walking in the park. Due to the natural environment of Irrland, there may be some irregularities in the park terrain, such as rabbit holes or uneven walkways.

All park visitors are required to dress appropriately. Visitors are required to be fully clothed and wear shoes throughout their visit.
This does not apply to designated playground equipment and playground areas. Please note the informational signs in these areas. Damage to clothing will not be refunded.

Dogs are not allowed in the park.

Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs may be expelled from the park without compensation. Possession of drugs or high-percentage alcohol is strictly prohibited.

Smoking is only permitted outside with the use of a (disposable) ashtray. Visitors are not permitted to smoke in the vicinity of flammable objects or play equipment. Visitors who smoke without an ashtray must pay a fine of 20, - € and may be expelled from the park.

Irrland is not liable for the loss or theft of visitors’ property.

The barbecue grills distributed in the park are available to all visitors free of charge. All private barbecue grills and other gas appliances are prohibited. Visitors may only use the Irrland barbecue grills in the marked areas. The grill must be continuously supervised by the guest. Only wood or hard coal may be used for barbecuing. Liquid barbecue lighters are strictly prohibited. The use of the grill is at your own risk.

Feeding the animals is not allowed, with the exception of the coin-operated feed machines. Visitors who abuse, tease, or behave inappropriately towards the animals will be expelled from the park.

Sudden thunderstorms are to be expected during the summer months. In the event of a thunderstorm, visitors are advised to move to the indoor areas in the park or to their vehicle as quickly as possible.

5. Parental responsibility

Parents and accompanying persons are advised that they must exercise their legal responsibility and look after their children carefully.

Parents and chaperones are responsible for all damages caused by the supervised, even if the supervisor is not present on the day of the visit. Parents are not released from the duty of supervision.

Children under the age of 10 are only allowed to enter the park with a parent or chaperone.

6. Video surveillance, film and photography guidelines

Irrland is video-monitored to protect visitors and staff, as well as for the protection of play equipment and facilities.

The supervisory staff is equipped with a body-worn camera. In certain situations, Irrland employees are required to take photographs or make videos. Employees regularly make videos and take photographs.

Photographs and video recordings intended for commercial use are only permitted with prior written permission. Recordings for private purposes, however, are permitted and encouraged.

7. Advertising and Offering of Goods and Services

Advertisement or the offering of goods and services on the park grounds or in the parking areas is only permitted with the prior written consent of the park management.

8. Damage / loss reports

All facilities in the park are carefully monitored and maintained. Should you come to any harm through no fault of your own, you are required to report the damage before leaving the park at the main entrance.

If there is reason to believe that an incident within the park grounds may cause damage at a later date, this should also be reported.

In the event of damage to the park by the visitor, the latter is obliged to pay compensation for the damage incurred. Parents are responsible for their children.

9. Domiciliary right

Irrland is entitled to ask persons who violate the park and house rules to leave without compensation at its own discretion.

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