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Identity card delivery

Dear IRRLAND friends,

Since August of 2013 adolescents between the age of 13 and18 years are only allowed
to enter IRRLAND, if they hand in their official identity card / student ID at the entrance
(alternative option: 20,00 € deposit + passport photo). By imposing this measure we have
been able to resolve the issue of "youth violence" in IRRLAND.

Before, we often found ourselves powerless when confronted with situations where
the peaceful atmosphere in the park was disturbed tremendously. However, this new
successful result pleases us, as operators, and also our guests.

Thank you for your understanding, we look forward to your visit.

Your Irrland team


Irrland is a park geared toward families with children, kindergartens,
primary schools and groups up to 6th grade (approx. 12 years).

For older teens, the park is less suitable.

After experiences with youth violence since the end of 2008,
only groups of children up to 6th class (approx. 12 years) are admitted into Irrland.
The 20-person rule does not apply.

Groups of adolescents are not allowed to enter the park.
No admission for groups consisting of persons from up 13 years!

Individual adolescents that enter the park with their families
and during their stay are seen by our park supervisors as a group of adolescents
have to leave Irrland without reimbursement of the entrance fee.

General identity card required.

We ask for your understanding.

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