Irrland annual theme: „Children´s Dreams 2018“

Irrland – a place where floating and flying are not just
stuff of dreams. Whether it is on colourful jumping cushions,
in giant airplanes or on fast slides…this is where hearts
are racing. And if you prefer it a little calmer, you can
leave your cares behind on a raft ride.

At Irrland, water is all around. Sparkling and spraying through
the air, gushing down water slides, roaring over waterfalls or
holding together your sandcastle. Here, everyone finds what they
are looking for.

Irrland’s animal world is unique. Young and old alike will meet
some rare animals and get to know their living environment up close.
Parrots, meerkats, goats and ponies. Owls, squirrels and cows,
monkeys, songbirds and kangaroos…these inquisitive animals and many
more come closer and many can even be petted. Cuddling for everyone!

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The farm-adventure oasis
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