Irrland annual theme: „Roman architecture 2020“


Try something you’ve always dreamed of!
Line up your targets in the crosshairs of a giant air
cannon and see how far you can aim the foam ammunition.
Take cover in the nearby houses but don’t hide for too
long-both shooters and moving targets can have fun here!

Seatbelts, please!

And...lift off! Irrland shows you many ways to fly.
Start off your pilot career in the world‘s largest biplane
or admire the spinning propellers of our giant transport plane.
Need a quick exit plan? The emergency slides bring you back
to Earth in seconds.

Piazza della Pizza!

Where do the Roman soldiers go for a hearty meal before
they go off to battle? Well, to the main plaza by the fountain of course!
You, too, can join them for a sizzling slice of pizza and a cool drink
for just a few coins. How can you resist?

Show off your marksmanship!

Water everywhere - even if you avoid the rushing waterfall,
you’ll have a hard time staying dry here. The long-range water
cannons are just begging to be put to use – who will be the next
innocent target?


Exhilarating refreshment! Our water slides will be sure to get your
heart racing...and you’ll be greeted at the bottom with a tremendous
splash! Just watching today?
Don’t get too close, or you may get wet!
Even the adults will want a turn.

Worry-free barbecuing!

Barbecuing is now possible in the over 200 villas and pavilions
scattered around the park. Relax and enjoy your meal while
the littlest ones play nearby, without fear of flying sparks.

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