Irrland annual theme: „Bella Italia 2019“

An experience for all the senses!

You can’t miss this – and you’ll want to tell all your friends!
Impressive light shows and fantastical music accompanied
by light animations and amazing sounds, all complemented by
a warm summer rain: fun for all five senses. A delight that
you have to experience – in the colosseum.

Sheer zest for life!

Somersault with pure joy. Don’t hold back!
Warm air outside, soft air underneath your feet and fresh air
in your lungs. The rush of a free fall: turn your world upside
down for a moment and discover what you’re capable of.
All this and more is possible at Irrland – here, you can let
go and be sure of a soft landing.

Falling is fun!

Adrenaline rushes with addictive side effects.
The huge, unique variety of slides at Irrland promises lots of
fun for everyone. Just take a look at all the happy faces.
Reach the bottom and you’ll want to go right back up again.

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