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Subject to change

Irrland is expanding constantly for you

We offer on ca. 300 000 square meters of recreational space (the size of 30 soccer fields) more than 80 attractions,
a tremendous 8 000 sqm of sheltered play barns, more than 800 roofed huts with barbecue facilities and 1 800 hand carts
to transport bag and baggage…

now that’s relaxation, adventure and fun at their best.


Beverages, ice cream, sweets
Kiosk 2
(opened until 6 p.m. max.)
French fries and sausages, beverages, ice cream, sweets
Kiosk 3
currently under construction
(opened until 6 p.m. max.)
pizza, pasta, Beverages, ice cream, sweets
Kiosk 4
(opened until 6 p.m. max.)
French fries and sausages, beverages, ice cream, sweets
Kiosk 5
(temporarily open)
Beverages, ice cream, sweets
Kiosk 6
(temporarily open)
Beverages, ice cream, sweets
Kiosk 7
(temporarily open)
French fries and sausages


Your permanently reserved
place for one whole day:
>> more about Barbecue Places


100 m !!! (coming soon)
Animals at a dizzying heights (under construction)
Do you accept the challenge? 150 Crazy-Bikes (1 € deposit), max. 13 years/60 kg
walking on water
playing with sand and water under big oak trees, squirrels
brick by brick for young and old
construct waterways with real water pipes
cavort in our 200 t corn pool and feel like a child again, fun farming village in the corn barn
Explore a locomotive from the good old age of steam engines
observation platform with “Mi”-helicopter and tremendous slides
You will be surprised!
for guests up to 6 years, mirror playground
all good things come from above
tourney arena for true football heroes
see, smell and marvel: baby piglets
race vehicles for children up to 25 kg
football table, games, labyrinth, 10-meter-high Mega-Goat-Catwalk
for the little ones, expertise on three wheels
help us to feed the calves ca. 11.30 a.m. and 5.30 p.m.
come and see our contented cows and help us with the milking at 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.
big milking competition at the cowshed
play, crawl and find your way in fragrant hay and straw
Observe and pet the popular cuddly animals
15 m observation deck and playable airplane “Antonow 2“ slides in endless variations
low-maintenance four-legged friends
40 000 building blocks
70 m super slides
Joy for man and beast
big lawn, barbecue stations, giant rainbow


Joy for six to share!
children’s tractors (€ 1 deposit), tame animals, for children up to 25 kg
ball games for professionals
max. 13 years/60 kg huge, with climbing nets
3 mountains to conquer, max. 13 years/60 kg
photo exhibition, let yourself be surprised
60 m long tunnel
200 go-karts, for racers
of at least 1.30 m
max. 60 kg (€ 1 deposit)
educational trail "Adventure Earth"
160 sq m giant bouncy castle for children up to 13 y./60 kg
two 20 m water slides,
the ultimate aqua fun
show off your footwork (8-99 years)
50 m river with fountain and palm trees
beautiful beach, high and low tides, waterfalls, submarine, roman ship with water slide, Toddlers‘ slide
sculpting in and with sand
with effervescent fountain and picturesque bridge
predators lie in wait
How does that sound?
Chariots to play on, acoustic worlds and water labyrinth with Water-Light-Music and gladiator battles
Delicious pizza, water games and relaxation in an old Italian atmosphere at the "Trattoria"


a castle for children
max. 13 years/60 kg
conquer a Roman Castle
big driving skill training,
€ 1 deposit
max. 13 years/ 60 kg
terrific fun on super wide slides, pure amusement within gorgeous palm tree scenery
admirable creatures
meet the baby-couriers
Bird of paradise – Fly to infinity, explore a mountain idyll, play in a Roman mine, admire waterfalls and rivulets
remarkable animals from all over the world
every man’s dream, Magirus Deutz Rundhauber anno 1964
Airport Fire Department with 100-metre wavy slide
observation platform, air ground communication, be our air traffic controller, highspeed mega wavy slides
soft landing
learning how to fly the easy way
courageous conquest with water shooters
Pilot a plane, the motors are already running, with evacuation slide mirror-fun
airplane-bouncy cushion for low-flying red barons
traversable with rafts
water, sand and mud unlimited playing fun
take the ‘Antonov 2’ for a new spin
speech is silver, silence is golden
4 dimensional climbing adventure playground (up to 12 years, max. 50 kg), billiards area (rent accessories at the kiosk)
extraordinary animals
fantastic jungle gym, slides, see-saws, swings, spinning tops, speed zipline
tediously up – quickly down
get into the swing of things
for sporty people
2000 years old, Castaway
our famous climbing stars
aface to face, always active
with bright feathers, up close
oscillum for the brave
in black and white
home of the gods,
climb Mount Olympus
melodious bird calls, iguanas and prairie dogs
for the smallest, up to 25 kg indoor and outdoor, galley
walk dry-shod on more than 1 million liters of water perfect beach illusion with sea sound and sun
brick by brick for everyone
almost human, feeding at ca. 3 p.m.
Pure recreation
view online download PDF Irrland Video Irrland

Am Scheidweg 1
47624 Kevelaer-Twisteden
North Rhine-Westphalia

Phone: 0049 2832 98898-0
Car and bus parking for free!